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MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.28 features include:

  • TCU: Overflow error fixed for when the last reading was below 15°C (thanks to a cold snap in Melbourne)

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.27 features include:

  • Recent file list: Sortable.
  • Word export: Speed improvement
  • Password: Byte array (technical change, no front end change)

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.26 features include:

  • Rollover occured flag: Indicates if it rolled over or stopped (i.e. data has been lost)

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.25 features include:

  • Dual slider: Clicking on the line to move the closest slider.
  • Online feature re-enabled: Allows thermochrons to be permanently connected and periodically downloaded.
  • Farenheit display bug fixed.

FEATURE RELEASE: Version 8.24 features include:

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.23 features include:

  • Modification to how TCS, TCX, TCU and HC are reprogrammed. No front end changes.
  • Report printing bug fix for a site.

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.22 features include:

  • TC-Spy: Exta data validation when downloading results to ensure data integrity.

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.21 features include:

  • The min/max + extremes report had a problem displaying values less than the minimum. Bug introducted in version 8.20.

FEATURE RELEASE: Version 8.20 features include:

  • If the alarm minimum is between 0 and 3°C and the graph is above it, it will automatically set the minimum to the alarm minimum (“zoom out”)
  • If the alarm maximum is between 5 and 10° and the graph is below it, it will automatically set the maximum to the alarm maximum (“zoom out”)
  • The printed graph scale is the displayed graph scale
  • The details tab form has been resized.

CRITICAL BUG FIX RELEASE: Version 8.17 features include:

  • Retrieving the autosave flag issue has been resolved. This was introduced in version 8.09. All users of versions 8.09 to 8.16 need to upgrade.
  • Dialog box with savved file name reintroduced.
  • Can drag a .sav file from explorer into eTemperature and it will open.
  • Identification of a potential password used with a TCS.

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.15 features include:

  • Report has red and bold lines for readings out of range
  • Configuration tab has “Explore” button for saved results, and the “Email” button has moved to the Export section.

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.14 features include:

  • Fix saving of settings including the fast start and logger configuration

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.13 features include:

  • “Save as” and “Check for updates” menu items
  • Minor bug fixes including registration being recorded correctly, min/max + extremes report fix, status update issue

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.12 features include:

  • TC-Spy enhancements and bug fixes. TC-Spy is a hand held device that allows users to download up to 600 sets of results, and then transfer them to a PC. The device is then cleared and more results can be downloaded. The TC-Spy is ideal for customers with a number of thermocrons that are permanently installed in fixed locations.
  • Minore modifications to the list of recent files.

SIGNIFICANT RELEASE: Version 8.11 features include:

  • Modifications for new security requirements in recent Windows releases
  • “Home” tab with list of recently saved files
  • Links to for online information
  • Updated user guides and help

MAJOR RELEASE: Version 8.00 features include:

  • Totally new compiler and installation programs used allowing us to offer a number of small enhancements and a new look and feel
  • New reporting engine to provide customisable reports as well as fix the “black box” bug that some sites were experiencing.
  • Better support for the new security policies introduced by Microsoft