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Food Temperature Danger Zone – Explainer Video

What is the danger zone for food temperature? It’s a very simple message, but critical to food safety. This short explainer video cove...

Rotten Food Cookbook Video

The Rotten Food Cookbook video highlights why the book was first written, and how one dish can change your entire reputation.

Food Sniffer Channel 7 News Response

This week we were interviewed in regards to the Food Sniffer. With over 1 million live views, 400,000 Facebook views and 4,000 Facebook comm...

Have we lost our way with vaccine fridge monitoring?

What I am hearing about vaccine fridge monitoring I have customers who are now required to download the results of a temperature logger once...

Simon Marnie and The Rotten Food Cookbook

Last week I had the pleasure of being on Weekends with Simon Marnie. We had the chance to talk about The Rotten Food Cookbook and went throu...

Linda Mottram – Rotten Food Cookbook Interview

Last week Linda Mottram interviewed Shane van de Vorstenbosch, the author of The Rotten Food Cookbook. Anyone who is interested in a copy of...

Why do two temperature sensors show different results but both be right?

Two temperature sensors side by side Today I received two graphs from two different brands of temperature sensors (temperature loggers). The...

Wireless temperature logger finalist Best New Hospitality Product at Fine Food 2015

Fine Food 2015 – Best New Hospitality Product Finalist We are proud to announce that the Wireless Temperature Logger was one of the fi...

Food safety training is not “very, very boring”

Yesterday I attended a Food Safety Supervisor course and was blown away when the instructor introduced the topic with: This is very, very bo...

Watching a chef try to kill me

Last week I had the joy of watching a chef try to kill me. To make it even worse, I had just spent the previous day writing a recipe that us...

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