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This was based on a real post in a Facebook discussion group. They were really struggling with student engagement.

What I don’t show in this video are the responses from other teachers. It was interesting to see the range from good practical suggestions through to the “why bother”. It was, however, universally acknowledged that getting students’ attention is difficult.

The fundamental question of providing demonstrations to a year 10 class was interesting. There were some people who argued that they should be able to just do things without having to be shown first.

What I have learnt, however, is that people will only listen if they think there is a benefit. They won’t listen to new knowledge if they think they already know it, or if they believe that it is irrelevant to them.

Glitterbug is essential in proving that they aren’t washing their hands correctly, and that they need to change something. It shows that their hands are covered in germs and that they have a potential problem.

I think that a 5 minute Glitterbug demo is far more beneficial than a 1 hour lecture on the importance of washing hands correctly.