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After hanging out with a bunch of Environmental Health Officers last week, we learned some stuff we didn’t know before.

Here’s the short version…

1. Australia’s rate of salmonellosis is growing

Despite everything that we are doing, some things are getting worse. That doesn’t mean that what we are doing is wrong, it means that there are other things stacking up against us – like…

2. While we are living longer, our immune system isn’t keeping up

The average age is increasing, but the reality is that our immune systems aren’t holding strong. This means that we having a growing proportion of the population is more susceptible to food poisoning.

3. Young children are extremely vulnerable to food poisoning but …

And at the other end of the spectrum, our young ones are also vulnerable.

4. … Childcare centres don’t need Food Safety Supervisors

We’re sure this makes sense to someone.

5. And the Food Safety Supervisors we do have may not be up to scratch

We may have misheard, but we thought Emma said that 58% of food handlers in her area didn’t know about safe food temperatures. Whoa!

(But before we become too harsh on them, what are the stats in our own area?)

6. When it comes to food poisoning, our melons rock

As do our eggs. But with education we are getting on top of them both.

7. The 5 second rule doesn’t apply to the floors in a deli

But fortunately their food preparation areas are safe enough to eat off.

8. EHOs are a bit weird

Where else will you see a group get excited about listeria swabs. It’s also the only place where most people knew what a temperature logger was (or at least faked it).


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Shane and Tom