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Our first wireless temperature logger video

We just launched our first wireless temperature logger video on I thought I would post it here as well to show you the direction we are heading.


In every restaurant and café, fridge temperatures are critical to your success. If they fail you will need to throw out food, and that’s as good as throwing out money. But if you don’t throw out the food and some of it makes it onto a plate that’s not good. And if that makes it onto too many plates then good bye customers, good bye reputation, good bye business.

So fridge temperatures are critical to your business and you could pay staff to check the temperatures but they aren’t necessarily the most reliable and there are things you would rather have them do And to top it all off now you have to record the temperatures to prove that you are doing it right. That takes time and time is money

So wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor the temperature of all your fridges, and know when problems occur straightaway and have reports available at the drop of a hat and do it quickly, easily, and most of all, affordably.

Now you can.

Introducing the wireless tags. You simply place them in a fridge, freezer or coolroom and it will communicate with an Ethernet base station which plugs into your internet router and it magically communicates with a server in the cloud and you can find out what is happening where ever you are with a PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone.

And when something does go wrong we will know about it immediately which means you will know about it immediately and you can fix it straight away.

Not bad.

And then when it comes to monthly reporting, it’s all there at the push of a button.

So the big question is “how much?”

I have been selling these types of systems for years. Until wireless tag came along you would have paid over $1,000 for this system
as well as ongoing fees. But with wireless tags the price is only $75 per tag.

And the Ethernet tag manager?
Once again, other systems would be charging you hundreds or thousands of dollars, as well as ongoing fees. But they aren’t $1,000. Not even $500 or $200. They are only $149 each.

So to make sure you understand how the system works, you need
– One Ethernet tag manager
– And as many or few wireless tags as you require.

That’s generally one per fridge, freezer and coolroom. A tag manager can communicate up to 2 rooms away. So if you have remote fridges you may require additional tag managers. But for a typical commercial kitchen that’s
– One tag manager
– About 3 to 5 wireless tags
So most commercial kitchens will cost between $350 and $550.
But for that money you will receive:
– Immediate notification of problems
– No more need for staff to write down the temperatures
– Quick reporting when it is needed
– No ongoing fees
– Remote access to your temperatures where ever you are
So you can be sitting on a beach enjoying the sun set knowing that everything is everything is fine back at the restaurant
And that is priceless.