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We have received many requests recently to confirm that Thermocrons are safe for use within aircraft. The short answer is “Yes”.

The longer answer is that they contain the Panasonic BR1225 battery. The Panasonic website has the MSDS for the battery: The second page has:

All Panasonic lithium batteries, except for our BR-C, are not subject to the requirements of the Department of
Transportation (DOT) Subchapter C, Hazardous Materials Regulations if shipped in compliance with 49 CFR
173.185 and Special Provision 188.

Effective January 1, 2012 all Panasonic lithium batteries can be shipped by air in accordance with International Civil
Aviation Organization (ICAO) 2011-2012 edition, Section II or International Air Transport Association (IATA) 53rd
edition, Section II, Packing Instructions (PI) 968 (Batteries), PI 969 (Batteries, packed with equipment) and PI 970
(Batteries, contained in equipment) as appropriate

Currently all Panasonic lithium batteries are regulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), 2012
edition under Special Provisions 188 and 230.”

But where has common sense gone? Is it possible for an electronic device the size of a thermocron with an even smaller battery to leak or explode and bring down an aircraft? Will it get to the stage where you go to an airport and the security will confiscate watches because they contain batteries (“Sorry sir, you can’t take that Rolex with you. Please put it in the bin over there with that bottle of Dom”).

So if you are exporting or importing items and need to monitor the cool chain, the thermocron is still the temperature logger of choice.