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One question that occasionally comes up is “what happens when the Thermochrons goes over it’s maximum temperature?”.

It depends upon the unit but:

  1. All models will simply display the maximum temperature for that unit
  2. Going up to 100°C tends to be fine
  3. Going too high (sorry, no firm rule as to “too high”) will corrupt the memory. Results may be lost and the timing could be distorted. Stopping and restarting the Thermochron will clear the memory and it will be fine, but you obviously can’t rely on the old results.
  4. And there is a temperature at which permanent damage will occur

OnSolution has models of Thermochrons that will go all the way up to 140°C. These units will obviously handle the temperatures above 100°C and the above information applies, just at some higher level.

So, if you suspect you will go above 85°C then consider the TCX and TCU models to find out how high. If you are logging temperatures between 70 and 85° we would recommend the TCX anyway because it is more accurate at the higher temperatures, and it will log a spike if it does occur.

But if any model does go over the maximum, don’t panic. It will probably be fine.

One piece of fine print… Running any logger at higher temperatures will shorten its battery life, including the TCX and TCU models.