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  • Elect a COVID-19 manager to oversee all safety
  • Assign a COVID-19 representative in each department


  • Process to notify all staff of any changes in procedures or policies
  • Staff have a means to raise issues and concerns

No demarcation

  • “Staff” include teachers as well as admin staff, cleaners, etc.

Daily checks

  • Screen staff and students at the start of each day
    • Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
    • If possible, check their temperature using a contactless thermometer
    • Ask if any other family members sick
    • If returning from leave or travel, completed the required self-isolation period
  • Hold a daily meeting to keep staff up to date on COVID-19 issues

Staff Absenteeism

  • Arranged for expected absenteeism if any of the following are sick:
    • Teachers (by subject)
    • Teachers’ aids
    • Admin
    • Cleaners
    • Principal
    • Deputy principal
  • Procedure for short term illness as well as an extended period of illness
  • Alternative or temporary staff procedures
  • Class cancellation procedures

Disaster recovery

  • Designed a comprehensive hazard prevention plan if a suspected COVID-19 case is present in the school
    • Immediate notification to the relevant government department
    • Notification to staff
    • Possible notification to parents and students
    • Possible immediate closure of premises
    • Notification to suppliers
  • Procedures to include:
    • Students
    • Staff
    • Suppliers / couriers / trade
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  • All staff been trained in
    • Correct handwashing techniques and hand sanitiser use with a product like GlitterBug (
    • COVID-19 laws and guidelines, including social distancing
  • Scheduled monthly training sessions with staff for handwashing, sanitising, social distancing measures, cleaning and student care

Staff to staff protection

  • Streamlined shifts to try and keep the same staff together (e.g. canteen)
  • Dedicated room or area for admin staff.
  • Avoid hot desking.
  • Allocated equipment per person or small group
  • Reduce unnecessary staff in areas
  • Avoid shared items in staff room
  • Decentralised staff rooms

Staff to student protection

  • Desk distanced from students
  • Chalk to be wiped clean before throwing at student 🙂
  • Minimise handouts
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  • Minimise interaction between the years
    • Seating during breaks
    • Staggered break times
    • Avoid inter-year activities (e.g. band)
    • Staggered canteen times
  • Reduce students at bus stops

Student to student protection

  • Minimised highly touched items during lessons
  • Desks cleaned between students or cleaned with a long lasting antibacterial agent

Student to staff protection

  • High risk staff have reduced or no face to face teaching hours. Option to work from home or leave without pay.

Year 12

  • Procedure for year 12 student with exams or assignment and showing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Access to teachers and resources
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  • Eliminate or reduce parent presence including
    • Volunteering,
    • Drop off / pickup
    • School shop
    • Presentations
    • Meetings
  • Enforce visitor record keeping
  • Regular communication with parents
  • Discourage congregating during drop-off or pickup
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Counselling available for staff or students experiencing anxiety regarding COVID-19 or social isolation
  • Increased awareness of DV during home schooling, and process in place
  • Cyberbullying policy in place, communicated and enforced
  • Process for suspected domestic violence, especially during home schooling
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • COVID-19 warnings and guidelines displayed around the premises
  • Social distancing signs in premises
  • Maximum room capacity displayed on all rooms
  • Floor markings indicating physical distancing
    • Canteen
    • Admin area
    • Bus stop
    • Library
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Clean desks after each class
  • Regularly clean all highly touched surfaces
  • Additional cleaning of doors, handrails, etc
  • Additional cleaning of toilets including doors, taps, hand driers
  • Provided appropriate glove wear for cleaning
The Ultimate School Checklist

Hand Hygiene

  • Set a protocol with staff for when to wash hands
  • Sanitisers available in:
    • Reception
    • Before and after school care
    • Staff rooms
    • Canteen
    • School Shop
    • Meeting rooms
    • First aid room
  • Sufficient stock of soap and sanitisers
  • Correct choice of sanitiser (≥ 70% alcohol)
  • Hand sanitiser is NOT used as soap at a sink
  • Sufficient stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff members
The Ultimate School Checklist

Sick Room

  • Have a different room for injuries and illness
  • Avoid sickroom use for minor issues
  • Full PPE for staff
  • Wash hands / replace gloves before and after dealing with each student
  • Disposable bed covers and seat covers that are correctly disposed off after use
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • No shared instruments or sheet music
  • Rehearsals to have strict social distancing
  • Avoid bands or rehearsals between years
  • Increased air circulation
  • Clean stands after use
The Ultimate School Checklist

Remote Teaching

  • Home environment complies with OH+W requirements
  • Reliable internet access
  • Confidentiality maintained
The Ulimate School Checklist

Student contact policy​

  • Social media and student contact policies updated.
  • Clear instruction on what contact teachers can have, on what platform.
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Bins located in every classroom
  • Bins regularly emptied
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Strict enforcement of hand washing
  • Consider a Perspex barrier if possible
  • Encourage food from home
  • Wipe down surfaces regularly
  • See our Cafe checklist for more ideas
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Avoid physical contact activities
  • Effectively clean sporting equipment after use
The Ultimate School Checklist


  • Returned books quarantined for 72 hours
  • Gloves worn when handling returned books
  • Minimise “browsing”
  • Remove board and card games
The Ultimate School Checklist

Layout and facilities

  • Doors and windows to be opened to increase air circulation
  • Can students enter and leave the premises without touching a door handle
  • Layout to allow for physical distancing between students and staff
    • Students can comply with social distancing requirements
    • Queues do not mix with walking areas
    • Students can easily access receptionist without blocking walkway
  • Ensure social distancing in bathrooms, possibly by restricting to a single person at a time.
  • Unavailable tables and seats are removed or clearly blocked off
  • Consider contactless taps and soap dispensers
  • Contactless hand dryers
  • Disable bubblers. Encourage the use of water bottles that are filled at home.
  • Close or restrict access to playground equipment.
The Ultimate School Checklist

Wet Weather

  • Appropriate seating arrangements during breaks, maintaining year segregation and as much social distancing as possible
  • Avoid crowding in walkways between classes
  • Avoid crowding waiting for buses or parents
The Ultimate School Checklist



  • Ensure all delivery staff are healthy and do not have a temperature
  • Allocate an appropriate drop-off point with suppliers
  • Physical distancing measures when deliveries are made on the premises


  • Confirm with suppliers that stock is readily available
  • When sourcing stock from alternative suppliers or changing brands:
    • Ensure an MSDS is available for all chemicals, especially cleaning products
    • Staff are trained in the correct storage, use and disposal of new products
    • For the canteen, consideration of allergens when sourcing alternative ingredients or products.