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We have a number of customers who have problems with deliveries. The goods have obviously been heat damaged in transit but the courier or shipping company denies having a problem. So the simple solution is to place a temperature logger in with the goods and then prove that there was a problem while the courier or shipping company had possession of the goods.

And often the problem occurs at points of hand over. The classic is unloading and reloading in Singapore. The goods get left in the heat for a number of hours and then placed in a refrigerated environment again.

But what is interesting is how effective the threat of a temperature logger is. So the magical words “Temperature Logger Enclosed” from that point on worked wonders. It was a continual reminder to the courier that they were being monitored. Just having the logger inside was a great insurance policy, but the external warning avoided the problem.

Of course I am not recommending just the use of a sticker because they will eventually work out it’s just a bluff. And if something does go wrong you are still none the wiser.

BUT (and there is always a but) I have also heard some stories about how some companies deliberately don’t put the warning on the outside. Their experience was that when something did go wrong, the parcel was opened and the logger removed, or the parcel was lost.

Nothing like a blog that gives totally opposite points of view.