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Temperature loggers have been used to monitor refrigerators and freezers for many years now. They can also be used for display and serving areas. This provides critical information on how your equipment is operating.

There is also a rapidly growing demand to monitor individual pallets or boxes. This then allows the user to detect if the product has been left out of the refrigerator or freezer, when and for how long. It provides critical information on how your operating procedures are being followed.

If you are involved with the transport of food then temperature loggers can now stay with your products from start to finish. On one side, temperature loggers are now being used to monitor everything from beef, pork, chicken and sea food to fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries to milk and dairy products to frozen products. On the delivery side temperature loggers are monitoring caterers, deliveries and mobile food stalls.

Over the next couple of months I plan to write more about specific applications.