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Recommended Model: Thermocron TCS

We get some requests that make you wonder how we found out information without the small Thermocron Logger.

A phone call last week asked if the Thermocron was waterproof and could withstand fairly acidic conditions. I asked the caller why and what were they intending to do with the devise.

They wanted to know the temperature inside a cow’s stomachs, and see the differences in internal temperatures with different types of feed.

The Thermocron TCS is perfect for that application as it is small, made of stainless steel and is waterproof. Under highly acidic conditions the stainless steel could darken, but the results in the memory would be intact.

I also said that I pitied the person who needed to find the Thermocron after it was expelled from the cow. They said that it was all a part of the research

The Thermocron has a memory of 8000 readings and is a cylinder 17.5mm in diameter and 6mm thick. It can read from every second up to every 4 hours.

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