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Can my vaccine refrigerator be adjusted?

No cause for alarm Modern vaccine refrigerators are fantastic devices and take much of the worry out of storing vaccines safely. When they’re working properly, that is. We recently had a customer who was getting some slightly strange readings from her temperature logger, despite not getting an alert from her refrigerator. The graph of readings […]

Inconsistent Vaccine Temp Logger Readings

Temperature Sensor Graph 1

Many of our customers use their temperature loggers to monitor vaccine fridges. Vaccine fridges have better temperature control than many other types of fridges and the results tend to be very predictable. Then there are the sudden changes which causes the readings to be in a new range. What causes a sudden shift in temperature […]

Temperature Logger: Different Values to the Fridge Display

The problem A very common question is “why does my temperature logger have different values to the fridge display?” For example a fridge may have a digital display and a temperature logger but they never show the same temperature. They may show a different range (e.g. one may only fluctuate by 1° while the other […]

How long will a vaccine fridge remain below 8° during a blackout?

Vaccine Fridge

The critical temperatures 2°C and 8°C are the official limits that a vaccine must be stored between. Of the two temperatures, the lower one is the more critical. At 0°C certain vaccines freeze and become useless. This is important to keep in mind when dealing with the issue. The higher temperature is less rigid because […]

Vaccine fridge too cold

Vaccine Fridge Too Cold

The following graph clearly shows that the vaccine fridge is too cold. Vaccines need to be stored between 2° and 8°C. In this case the fridge is continually dropping below 2°C. There are a couple of points to be made, however: 1.By using the Thermocron Temperature Logger, we know that the vaccine temperatures won’t be […]