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Monitoring Temperature

Temperature Graph

Most people now know their legal responsibilities when it comes to storing and transporting refrigerated and frozen items. They are doing it, and probably doing it correctly. But at the same time they need to be able to prove that they are doing it. The traditional method is to have a staff member write down […]

Server Room Temperatures

There are lots of debates and forums on the ideal temperature in a server room. Searching on line produces many results, most agreeing, but some are conflicting. To promote reliable operation and long life on components, then it is vital to ensure a narrow temperature range. Too hot, components start to fail: too cold and […]

Temperature Affects how you Sleep

Many studies have been carried out looking for a relationship between body temperature and sleep. Most studies show that within 2 hours before the longest sleep periods, your body temperature has a significant drop. How do we promote sleep? With the all these studies’ results many sleep doctors recommend: Taking a hot bath between 90 […]

Temperature and Concrete Curing

To develop a high strength concrete it is important to ensure that it is cured at the right temperature: Not too hot, and not too cold. If newly placed concrete is allowed to get too hot or too cold there will be a reduced performance of the concrete with cracking, increased permeability, friability with reduced […]

Temperature Monitoring

This is the first blog in a series that will discuss various aspects of temperature monitoring, with a focus on temperature loggers. Much of what is discussed can also be applied to thermometers. One of these blogs will actually discuss the differences between thermometers and temperature loggers. Money, reputation and lives There are some things […]