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A “check the toilets” Reminder

bad smell

I recommend checking out the toilets of a restaurant to see if the staff care about cleanliness (and consequently food safety). When you complain and get fobbed off, however, that’s a totally different level. It doesn’t matter what rules you have in place if the culture is just wrong.

Salmonella Bomb destroys Albury burger joint

Salmonella Bomb

Imagine something small enough to fit on your hand that could raze your business with the flick of a switch. For The Burger Bar in Albury, that’s exactly what happened back in January, 2010. It destroyed the business, and the impact it had on the owners was also devastating. In the process it also gave […]

Food safety at local events

Have you ever wondered what precautions are in place at temporary events? As you wander around some cultural collection of culinary cuisine (yes that means absolutely nothing, it just has alliteration value), do you ever wonder if the catch of the day is likely to be salmonella? Or as keen parents try to part your […]

The attention grabbing cloth

What can be more important than catching up with a friend at a cafe? It turns out the answer is “watching the waitress wipe down everything with a cloth”. Now what?

Danger Zone

[full_width class=”spewman-pink”] [row] [column medium=”7″] DON’T KILL YOUR CUSTOMERS! KEEP FOOD OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE [/column] [column medium=”5″] [/column] [/row] [/full_width] [full_width class=”odd”] [row] [column medium=”4″] [/column] [column medium=”8″] Food Temperature Matters! If you work with food, you have to know the rules about food temperature. Food poisoning can be extremely serious, even fatal. […]

The Rotten Food Cookbook is Amazon Best Seller

Last week we released the eBook version of The Rotten Food Cookbook on Amazon and we reached the Amazon Best Seller list. The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook we wrote to try and highlight major causes of food poisoning. It’s all about what people care about most (Food Poisoning) so that we can […]

Food Safety Tightens At China’s Wal-Mart

American supermarket Wal-Mart has been expanding their efforts overseas and even have stores in China now. Since this new move, Wal-Mart has to consider new food safety regulations to keep up their food safety standards. After many food scares in their stores, Wal-Mart is deciding to increase their food safety spending as to ensure the […]

Food Safety Chicken Advice.

Chicken is one the raw meats that cause the most issues in food safety. In the United Kingdom, one of the most common food borne illnesses is caused by camplyobacter. Record show there are over a quarter of a million people a year who get affected by the bacteria. Campylobacter is caused  by raw or […]

Adelaide Deli Fails To Meet Food Safety Standards.

  A food safety issue that is too close to home… Lecturers and students from the University of Adelaide discovered from their research that 134 out of the 174 supermarkets (that is nearly 75%) or delis that sold ready to eat meat had high bacterial levels that did not meet food standard guidelines. Though the […]