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Media Misinterpretation: Food Poisoning Hotspots

A report is currently being misquoted as saying you are twice as likely to get food poisoning from restaurants than from home. We tracked down the original report and discovered that’s not what it said. What did it say, and where are you most likely to get food poisoning?

Salmonella Bomb destroys Albury burger joint

Salmonella Bomb

Imagine something small enough to fit on your hand that could raze your business with the flick of a switch. For The Burger Bar in Albury, that’s exactly what happened back in January, 2010. It destroyed the business, and the impact it had on the owners was also devastating. In the process it also gave […]

Danger Zone

[full_width class=”spewman-pink”] [row] [column medium=”7″] DON’T KILL YOUR CUSTOMERS! KEEP FOOD OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE [/column] [column medium=”5″] [/column] [/row] [/full_width] [full_width class=”odd”] [row] [column medium=”4″] [/column] [column medium=”8″] Food Temperature Matters! If you work with food, you have to know the rules about food temperature. Food poisoning can be extremely serious, even fatal. […]

“Oysters Killed Patrick” now available at immersive theatre

Recently over a dozen people enjoyed “Oysters Killed Patrick” at Secret Cinema’s production of Moulin Rouge! It is an experience that they will remember long after the final song and really resulted in an explosion of colour and emotion the following day.

The Rotten Food Cookbook is Amazon Best Seller

Last week we released the eBook version of The Rotten Food Cookbook on Amazon and we reached the Amazon Best Seller list. The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook we wrote to try and highlight major causes of food poisoning. It’s all about what people care about most (Food Poisoning) so that we can […]

Ironic Conclusion To Food Safety Summit

A Food Safety Summit is held every year in the United States of America. This year, it was held in Baltimore, Maryland. I am sure every year is equally exciting but something occurred this year that would makes this conference unforgettable. In the most ironic twist of events, an investigation uncovered  the reason for 100 […]

Truth about food poisoning

Here’s an awesome video from the NSW Food Authority titled “The Truth About Food Poisoning”. By now you should have guessed that it’s about food poisoning. It is a great video for school children but I suspect that all adults will all benefit from a friendly reminder about food safety basics. Enjoy!!