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eTemperature Configuration – Allow rollover

If the logger is not stopped before reaching the end of its memory it will do one of two things: Stop logging Rollover to the start and start recording over the existing data, from the oldest reading first. Putting it another way, it will contain either: The first 2,000 readings, or The most recent 2,000 […]

eTemperature Configuration – Start Delay

There are a number of ways of delaying the start of the logging. The best option is the “Specify delay date and time”. This allows you to enter a specific date and time at which the unit will start. The specify start duration provides a simple method to just use a fixed delay (e.g. 1 […]

eTemperature Configuring – Alarm Limits

Configuring the alarm limits in eTemperature doesn’t achieve a huge amount, and what it does do can be changes later any way. When displaying the graph, the high and low bars are set according to these values. Everything above the high alarm is red, everything below the low alarm is blue, and the rest is green. But […]

eTemperature Configuration – Sample Rate

One of the critical settings when programming a Thermochron logger is the sample rate. The sample rate is how often the unit will record the date/time and temperature. The faster it samples, the faster it will consume its memory. That is why below the sample rate is a display of how long the memory will […]