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To start a logger you plug it into the computer and use eTemperature to set the sample rate (how often you want it to store the temperature), when to start, and what to do once the memory is full (stop or overwrite the oldest reading).

But the real power of eTemperature is in what it can do afterwards.

eTemperautre easily generates and prints (or saves as PDF) reports that can include the graph, the settings, the readings, and daily min / max. But there is much more than that available. Using eTemperature, you can:

  • Display graphs and tables
  • Print out a range of reports
  • Export results to the clipboard, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV files, graphical files, etc.
  • Save results for later use
  • Email results to others
  • Utilise detailed analysis tools

For further details on eTemperature, visit the eTemperature website and download the eTemperature Spec Sheet. If you have already purchased this software and wish to download updates or drivers, visit our Software Downloads page (by the way, updates are always free for all users – no ongoing subscriptions, fees, or any of that).

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