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What is Peres?

PERES is the world’s first portable “electronic nose” – a unique and innovative device and mobile application which enables users to determine the quality and freshness of:

Peres Meats

It is designed to detect:


How do you use Peres?


PERES sensors detect volumes of VOCs in the sample, and readings are then adjusted taking into account temperature and humidity. These data are used to calculate findings and results.

Peres Results

Users control PERES, start the sampling process, analyse the results of readings and share their experiences with friends just by interfacing with a user-friendly environment on their phone or tablet.

How does Peres work?


Who should use Peres?

Does Peres allow commercial kitchens to “bend” the food laws?

Can the Peres be used to “bend” or “override” the existing food laws if it says that the meat is still fresh?

Absolutely not.

Within the hospitality industry the Peres Meat Sniffer should be used to validate the current procedures, and ask a confirmation that every thing is OK.

If there is a break down in operations that exposes meat to higher temperatures for excessive periods of time then your procedure should be to automatically dispose of the items in accordance with regulations. The Peres is not intended as a way to avoid compliance with government regulations.