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The University of Parramatta announced yesterday new nanobot technology that would automate the washing of hands. The nanobot technology is capable of killing over 99.999% of germs continually throughout the day. Once applied, the nanobots would continue to perform for 12 to 18 months, requiring an annual reapplication.

The nanobots are able to differentiate between harmful bacteria and “good” bacteria. They are also able to move freely around the hands but won’t transfer to other surfaces.

They will also automatically move into “high gear” when needed. When working in a dirty environment, the nanobots will accelerate their activity to ensure that hands are continually clean. According to Dr Coffman, the nanobot inventor, “by the time you walk from the bathroom back to the theatre or kitchen, your hands will be once again perfectly clean”.

While additional testing is required before it is released onto the market both the medical and food industries are very excited about the break through.

Forgetting to wash hands or incorrect hand washing is one of the greatest causes of the spread of disease. By ensuring that hands are always clean, it is expected that the spread of disease and cases of food poisoning will be drastically reduced.

It is expected that the nanobot technology will save billions of dollars in lost productiviy and medical expenses.

In your dreams…

Sorry guys, there’s no magical solution to automatically wash your hands.The need to wash hands will remain with us for a number of years to come. But there are some simple things that you can do:

1. Ensure staff are correctly trained. Consider using Glitterbug Handwashing Training to ensure they are doing it correctly.

2. Ensure staff have easy access to hand washing resources. OnSolution will soon be distributing the Deb range of hand washing products which greatly assists in the effective hand washing process.

3. Encourage staff to put it all into practice

Hope you enjoyed the science fiction. Now we just have to wait for someone to invent it. Just remember, you read about it here.