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LTrace provides the ability for CSSD and CSU to print customisable labels for sterilised items.

Many sterilisation departments rely upon staff manually writing on the outside of an item to identify what is inside the wrapping. This has many problems including:

LTrace provides the benefits of having customised label templates. The templates determine where text will go and how it will appear, while specific information is taken from the item.

For example, a label could contain:

The label itself is also reasonably small and staff should place it in a location that is easy to read when the item is on a trolley or shelf. It’s small size allows it to fit on most trays or steripeel items with ease.

LTrace itself has features such as on-screen photos to ensure that items are correctly identified before the label is printed.

The labels for sterilised items play a critical role in ensuring the hassle free management of trays and instruments within a hospital, dental practice or GP.