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Someone wanted to check that the cleaners are washing the walls. Glitterbug Powder is the normal answer for checking on cleaners. It is fantastic for sprinkling on the floor (carpet, vinyl or floor boards) and checking the following day to see if it has been vacuumed/washed. Glitterbug Powder is also great for a light sprinkle on desks and benches.

But for walls, gravity tends to defeat the purpose. So Glitterbug Lotion was considered. It basically smears on like any other cream and stays. It is nearly impossible to see but with the UV light it absolutely glows.

So with a little bit of finger painting, messages like “wash me”, “missed me” and “oops” were the friendly reminders to ensure a thorough job.

And as an added bonus, all the cleaners were able to have some hand washing training as well.