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We have a client that needed a very high capacity, fast motion logger. So we have developed a unit that uses a 2GB Micro SD card and will sample motion up to a couple thousand readings per second. It has multi-sensory capability so it can measure an external motion sensor at the same time.

It’s small (well, by other people’s standards) and is about the size of a match box.

Rechargeable battery. Battery size depends upon your needs, but it is intended to collect up to one day’s data with continual fast sampling.

Is there a demand out there for this type of motion logger?

2 Responses

  1. Motion sensors generally is a great deal of help especially when you use it to detect movement from any objects. I personally use it on my small burglar alarm system.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. This is a motion logger which is used for recording movement. Imagine a Wii controller but where we record all the movements to memory. That way we can tell how an item (or animal or person) has moved. We can tell how quickly they accelerate, or if it was dropped etc.