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GlitterBug is an invisible lotion or powder that glows in UV light. The lotion is fantastic for hand washing training, but the powder has a slightly different purpose – it shows how easily germs can spread.

One trainer sprinkled Glitterbug Powder over the sign-in sheet. As expected, it transferred to the hands of the attendees as they entered. It then transferred to the things they touched.

5 minutes later when everyone arrived, the trainer turned the lights off (not required, but the final effect is so much better) and turned on the UV torch.

As expected, the paper glowed, and people’s hands glowed.

And parts of the table in front of where they were sitting.

And their hand bags.

And bits of their clothing.

And parts of their faces.

And one with a glowing nostril.

And another with a glowing groin.

Much to the amusement of everyone else.

At which point the lights were hurriedly turned on and the UV light turned off.

Maybe Hollywood is right: “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth.”