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I say soccer, but it could be anywhere. For now, I will contemplate the virtues of food safety at soccer.

I have “volunteered” at the local sporting club’s canteen. They have a pie warmer.

Worked out where this blog is going yet?

It’s warms pies. What’s great about this one is that you can grab a pie straight out of it and munch straight into a nice, warm pie.

But wait, if I can munch into it straight away, then that’s below 60°. 60° is the temperature at which we won’t burn ourselves, but at the same time we won’t go holding it too tightly for too long. And we won’t be munching into it with gusto.

So the pie warmer has a fancier name if it was in a lab, it would be called an “incubator”.

But that’s fine because it takes time for bacteria to grow, and these pies sell like hot-cakes. Well, they do around mid-morning (especially in winter). But by the end of the day there’s a couple of nice pies that have been sitting in there for most of the day.

Am I just a bit too paranoid? After all, we could just think of it as a bit of an internal work-out. No pain, no gain.

And talking of pie warmers, what about … (well I will leave that for tomorrow’s blog).