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eTemperature version 8.11 has just been released and is available from the software page.  It is available as a free upgrade to all paid users.

Version 8.11 has the following new features:

Home tab: The home tab contains a list of the most recenlty opened files. This option also allows you to filter for specific file names or a specific date range.

Web/blog tab: This tab will show the web site, opening initially to the blog page. This will help users stay up to date with what is happening.

Like: A like button has been added to the software. We hope that you like eTemperature enough to give us a vote of confidence. We prefer word of mouth advertising over all other forms and would really appreciate your support.

The version 8.0 release had the following major changes:

New compiler: We upgraded the compiler we use to make the software. This has given us a number of new features that we can include in the software. Most of these are behind the scenes but they have helped us fix a number of Windows support issues.

Security changes: Microsoft have changed the rules over the years over what can go where, and who can do what. We changed the software to comply with the requirements. Mind you, one patch release and we may be scratching our heads again.

Report changes: We changed our reporting engine. The new engine has more output options, allows the user to customise the reports,and doesn’t have printer compatibiltiy issues.

eTemperature is developed in-house. If you have any feature suggestions, or have found any bugs, please let us know and we will see what we can do.