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“Delphi Cookbook” by Daniele Teti

Just released is the Delphi Cookbook by Danieli Teti ( It’s a great, light read that introduces 50 topics with sample code and brief explanations.

Delphi Cookbook

“Delphi Cookbook” Structure

Delphi Cookbook follows the simple formula of:

– This is what I want to do

– Step by step how to do it

– How it works

– There’s more

Each topic is typically 4 to 6 pages long so it’s enough to show you once how to do a reasonably simple example. The “how it works” provides a short and concise summary of the key facts. It’s a brief skim over the topic and is enough to prove that it can be done and provide a simple framework to expand upon.

It does not tackle any issue in depth. It is not a reference book. It is not going to answer technical questions about any topic. For that I would recommend Delphi XE2 Foundations by Chris Rolliston.

It jumps straight in talking about VCL Styles (not Firemonkey styles) which probably gives immediate value for many people (instant “skins” for their apps).

“Delphi Cookbook” Topics

There are 50 recipes and I’m not going to cover them all here. It covers JSON, streams, Windows services, RTTI, Firemonkey, multithreading, client/servers, datasnap, and mobile app development. There are probably topics for all programmers to push their knowledge or experience just a little bit further.

“Delphi Cookbook” audience

It is a great book for the hobbyist, the “Lego Engineer”, and experienced Delphi users who want a practical book showing the latest features. In fact, it would probably make the ideal sales document for Delphi users stuck in the pre XE2 age (Embarcadero, don’t give this away to people buying XE7, give it away to people NOT buying XE7).

At $11.25 (ebook) it’s a great read. It’s also available in print for $48.