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Cakes must be kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Did you realize that the humidity will affect a cake, the icing and the cream filling?

OnSolution has the perfect logger to ensure that the temperature and humidity is perfect for the storage of cakes: The LogTag HC.

Too high humidity will make the cake soggy. Too low will dry out the icing and the cream.

Your display cabinet will have a humidity sensor on it, but this is only in one location. The Thermocron HC can be moved around the cabinet and log the temperature and humidity in every location of your cabinet. This will allow you to map the humidity and temperature so that you can place the less sensitive cakes in the area where the humidity is slightly lower and the more delicate pastries in the areas with the perfect humidity.

Take the guess work out of your display cabinet, The Thermocron HC is the perfect instrument

Visit our website, to order your logger, or ring 0296146417 if you want to discuss your requirements with one of our support team.