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Today is one of those days.

Had a call from a remote IT support person, who was trying to understand eTemperature.

Their customer, about an hour away from the IT support had the USB reader plugged into the computer and eTemperature running. The screen said waiting.

I thought that this is easy, and said, “All they need to do is to plug the Thermocron, which looks like a watch battery, into the reader.”

There was chatting in the background as the IT person conveyed the message to their customer.

Their customer could not see anything that resembled a watch battery inside the fridge, nor any type of plastic holder. I said that it would be inside the fridge.

I was then told that the only thing in the fridge, other than vaccines, was a black curly cable with the twin reader attached. I was asked how this could be removed from the fridge as it had been permanently fixed inside the fridge by maintenance staff.

The Thermocron, inside a green card fob was then found in the eTemperature case that was in a cupboard inside the NUM’s office.

The reader had been inside the fridge for 1 month.

It only makes me wonder how can we ensure that the instructions are simple enough.