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Most people do not understand how easily germs spread. The spread of colds and flu are less commonly spread from breathing in droplets in the air, but mostly from contact with contaminated surfaces.

Glitterbug Powder with the Glitterbug UV Torch is an effective and visual demonstration of cross contamination.

Sprinkle the Glitterbug Powder onto the table near a sign in sheet on an operating gown or on a brochure that can be passed around a group.

After about 10 minutes shine the Glitterbug onto the original contaminated article and then show the glowing on your hands after you have handled it. After that shine the Glitterbug UV Torch onto people’s clothing, hands, hair, desk, pens, paper. It is amazing where the simulated germs have spread to.

If you would like a demonstration call OnSolution on 0296146417. Visit our website, to order your Glitterbug Powder and Glitterbug, or ring 0296146417 to discuss your requirements with one of our support team.