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Thank you to everyone for such a great response to my Christmas email. I was amazed at how many people read all the way to the end, including the “legal disclaimer”. At the same time it was interesting how many people automatically skip it as if it were invisible. I guess it goes to show, if you don’t want someone to hear something than say it every single time.

From Nat

This is by far and away THE BEST end of year email I have EVER read!
Thank you for the massive chuckles!

Merry Christmas to you also, and I’d just like to add: the offer of a free book really does sweeten the deal, but that email really was a gift.

Have a lovely break and I hope no-one makes you drive the 10 minutes for an urgent call!

Thanks for making my day!

PS I don’t usually read the fine print at the end, but the first line caught my attention!

From Jessica

It was a pleasure reading your hilarious way of saying you guys will be close for the holidays.

From Vanessa

Hi Shane,

Love the Christmas email! And the end note. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kind regards,


From Lois

I never read the bottom stuff but loved your tongue in cheek so much i read every word to the end 🙂 such a refresshing change. Have a great cmas break.

From Mahen,

Hi Shane,

Thank you very much for your email this must the 1st email that I have received from a company where it seems you are very passionate about your business.

I wish you all the very best and may your company go further and further next year.

Kind regards,


From Sally,

I am loving the intent, humour and planned outcomes of your Christmas message.

Wishing you a safe happy and drive free season!


From Rod,

I enjoyed it glad to see not everyone has lost their sense of humour.

Have a safe and happy Christmas



From Jacki,

Just would like to say thank you for your email, I loved reading it & it gave me a good chuckle! I read all the way to the bottom (my favourite part)

From Anne,

Yes, I read to the bottom of your email and found it all highly amusing!
Have a Merry Christmas (and I hope that you don’t have to drive that 10 minutes into the office to do any urgent orders… especially if they are not actually urgent!).

Kind regards

From Steve,

Yes I read the bottom bit and loved it. Does it have copyright…..



From Stella,

Hi Shane

I read the bottom of your email.

Do I get a free Rotten food cookbook.? It sounds awesome. lol

(later replied saying: Awesome I cant wait.
Is it written by Gordon Ramsay after visiting the run down restuarants. )


From Emma,

Hi Shane!
Thanks for your email letting us know you get time off. We are open and on call almost 24/7 – just in case you need anything from us, we will still be here.
As for this: “This email is intended for its recipients which is fairly obvious. If you have received this email accidentally then you will probably just hit delete anyway, or have it clutter up your inbox. Try to avoid damaging the environment by printing 50 copies of the email accidentally. Does anyone ever read this at the bottom of emails?”
of course we do read it.

The email was gripping, edge of my seat material, and the best Christmas shutdown email we have clogging up our inbox and now deleted folder. Nothing like a bit of Christmas Cheer! But no one wants to pay $6 postage for a book about rotten food…. Surely.
Hope the season is festive, and the jolly old man brings you something special.
Happy New Year,

From Annie,

Great e mail Shane
You had me and I usually delete
Very entertaining
Have a wonderful Christmas and congrats on the empty inbox

From Allan,

If you’ve had less than 10 responses then you can send me a free cookbook

I’d be interested to know how many, if anybody bothered to reply

Enjoy the break!


From Someone,

Love it! Much better than all the soppy emails from people we don’t know. Have an awesome Xmas Break!!

From Someone Else,

I read the bottom on occasions!

From Jill,

Classic email Shane loved it. Have a wonderful break and have a great Xmas and New year
Cheers Jill (across the ditch)

From Col,

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your warm wishes and prompt service over the last year,

P/s you could never offend this old fart


From Alvin,

LOL nice one, I read the whole lot, you’re going to have to send me a copy of your rotten food cook book J

Kind regards,
Alvin Wilson

From Patrick,

Ha, love it.
Yes I read the ‘fine print’.

Is there a ‘subscribe’ button instead?

Have a safe Chrissy.


From Margaret,

Hi Shane and the Onsolution team,

I am glad to hear you have dusted off the Santa suit and beard to promote your book. Thank you for the laugh, it has helped lighten up our day.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Kind regards,