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I thought it would be easy to come up with a new product name. But with the wireless loggers rapidly approaching final release, choosing a new product name is becoming more urgent.

Here’s the dilemma. The name has to meet the following criteria:

  1. It must be easy to remember. When someone mentions it to someone else we don’t want them to ask “how do you spell that?”. An existing word is easier to remember than a totally fictitious word.
  2. It must be available as a domain name. This rules out some names, but this really just leads onto the killer…
  3. If a person Googles it, we want to be able to be on page one.

And that’s the problem. A name like “dog” just isn’t going to do the trick.

So then this introduces the simple trick of taking two common words and joining them together to make a product name. So we have a tag that logs – “LogTag”. We also have a thermal device with chronological recordings – “Thermochron”.

And we start checking out product names like that only to discover many of the goods ones have already been taken. That’s mainly because the concept of wireless has been heavily trawled over the past decade or two. Everything has to be wireless nowadays.

It looks like everyone else has beaten us to choosing a new product name.