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The new wireless tag temperature logger will have a number of improved features. These new features are moving it from being a generic wireless product towards being a fully functioning temperature monitoring solution.

0.Wireless Tag Logger02° resolution on alarm thresholds

While the temperature logging resolution was 0.02°C, the alarm threshold was only 0.5° which meant it wasn’t possible to get an exact temperature for the alarm threshold. This has now been resolved.

Programmable sampling rate for temperature monitoring

Previously the sampling rate was the same as the autoping interval. This meant that a frequent sampling rate would quickly consume the battery life. Now it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a faster sample rate (being able to detect all issues) with a slower autoping (longer battery life).

We recommend that you sample the temperature at about 5 minute intervals and autoping at about 15 to 20 minute intervals.

Delayed notification of alarms

This feature was available and hidden away in the Kumo apps. It has now been built into the logger itself.

This feature allows you to set how many samples in a row the logger has to be high or low before it triggers the alarm. This is very important in the stopping of false alarms and the nuisance alerts for activities such as reloading a fridge.

We recommend that all users set this to a value of about 3 to 5 consecutive readings.