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Our new wireless logger is now going through distance trials.

Though what we are discovering is that “line of sight” means in a vacuum in space with no obstacles for 3 light years in any direction.

In a building it is a bit different. Most of the time “line of sight” means “way less than” but then occasionally it means “way beyond”. It’s all got to do with waves and reflections and other technobabble.

And “line of sight” means that walls, doors, floors, shelves and the like are all potentially bad news. They will potentially shorten the distance. But we knew that already.

The great news is that we can get across the room and into a fridge.  Fridges are basically metal boxes and metal boxes are impossible to get into. Fortunately they have a seal and we need to sneak through the seal to communicate with the loggers. And it is working.

So soon we will be contacting many of you to find out if you want your fridges to be automatically monitored (no more manual downloading of results). Contact [email protected] if you want to be kept up to date.