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With Mango season fast approaching it is time to wonder how do I transport and store mangos to achieve both long term storage and maximum flavor?

The general measure of maturity of the fruit is when the fruit shoulders have risen above the stem end and there is a slight colour change on the first fruit of the crop.

Storage of Mangoes:
Once picked the fruit should be stored at 10°C and 13°C, with a relative humidity of 85 to 90% and . 5% CO2. The shelf life of Mature Green Fruit can be stored within this temperature range is 14 to 28 days.

While fruit is in this stage it must not be subjected to temperatures less than 10°C, as it can cause chilling damage which will affect taste and ripening characteristics. Also during transport, they must not be subjected to water of very low humidity conditions. Low humidity will reduce the weight of the mango. Mangoes also require fresh circulated air to prevent excessive levels of CO2 or ethylene.

Optimum ripening temperature is 20°C to 23°C. This will give best appearance, palatability and decay control.

Once fruit is ripe, the best storage is 7°C to 8°C. This is to maintain its ripeness. Once ripe, mangoes should be eaten.

Mangoes should have undamaged skin as any damage will significantly shorten their storage life.

To ensure that the correct temperature levels and humidity levels have been maintained, insert a temperature logger into the cartons of mangoes and download the results when the cartons reach the destination. Many of our customers are surprised at the adverse conditions that can happen during transport.

Visit for the latest in temperature loggers or contact us for a discussion and demonstration of how a temperature logger can assist your business by recording both temperature and humidity when you are not there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have your Mangoes arrive safely to market in the prime condition that they left your farm and have your customers return for more.