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Coming into spring and with Christmas approaching I always think of cherry season in Australia. So what temperature logger do I use to ensure that my fresh cherries arrive at market in ideal condition?

Cherries are a delicate fruit and need specific storage conditions to maintain their freshness.

Once picked, sweet eating cherries must be cooled to less than 5°C within 4 hours of harvesting.
Optimum storage conditions are between -1°C and 0°C with a relative humidity of greater than 95%. With these conditions, sweet eating cherries maintain god quality for 2 to 4 weeks.

The temperature range is very narrow. For this narrow band, and accurate, high resolution and fast reacting temperature logger is requires. The Thermocron is made from stainless steel, so will react quickly. The Logtag and Loghum have their sensors exposed and so react quickly to temperature changes. Both these temperature loggers are ideal for application of narrow temperature bands and fast reaction times.

For display in retail stores, the fruit should be stored at 5°C or less to slow deterioration of the fruit. Fruit should also be refrigerated but not wet or damp as moisture on the surface of a cherry can cause splitting.

Eating cherries are not sensitive to chilling temperatures and should be stored as cold as possible without freezing.

Using a temperature logger is simple. Simply set up the logger with your PC, place it into the carton of cherries. Download the results once it reaches the destination. The logger will record temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the perfect way to audit your carrier.

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Call to discuss your temperature logger needs, we are happy to arrange a demonstration of how to optimize your transport to ensure that your fruit arrives in markets just as freshly as it left the farm.

For retailers, ensure your fruit is displayed to make your customers want to return and buy the freshest fruit and vegetable. Even insist that your supplier gives you a log of the temperature of transportation of the fruit and vegetables that you are buying.