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Thermocron TCS
Thermocron HC

When we exercise our skin temperature changes. When we sleep our skin temperature and humidity changes. Our body temperature is constantly changing depending on the environment and our level of activity.

The Thermocron TCS is used in studies of the changes in skin temperature during sporting activities. Researchers have been using our Thermocrons for several years as they map the changes in temperature of the skin during activities. The Thermocron, being small and lightweight is easy to tape to the skin in various locations so that the changes in skin temperature can be recorded. The Thermocron TCS has a resolution of 0.0625°C, a memory of 4000 readings and the capability of taking a recording every second, so it can map small changes in the skin temperature without being wired into a machine.

Once the activity has finished, the results can be downloaded into a computer and analysed.
With eTemperature software the results can be all placed onto the one graph, areas highlighted, tagged and zoomed in.

Sleep studies have also been done, but using the Thermocron HC, so that both temperature and humidity of the skin is recorded.

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