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Recommended Model: Thermocron HC

When gloves are worn the hands can get hot and clammy. This is fine if you are cold and want to warm up, but what about working in an environment where you need to wear gloves but it is very hot and humid.

We all know there is a difference, but how is that quantified, and how do I determine what is the best glove for my job.

So how do you successfully measure and record the temperature within a glove?
The Thermocron HC has been used to evaluate the temperature and relative humidity that is created on the skin when different fabrics are used for the construction of gloves.
With The Thermocron HC being small, about the size of a $1 coin, it was attached onto different areas of the glove and the glove worn. Sample rate for one study was a temperature and humidity reading every 30 seconds and the resolution of the device set for 0.0625°C and 0.04%RH. One Thermocron HC, which measures both Temperature and Humidity, was also adhered onto the outside of the glove, so that the differences from the readings outside and inside were recorded.

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