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The University of Parramatta has another world first with a teflon hand coating that removes the need to wash hands.

The teflon provides a smooth surface which is impossible for germs and dirt to adhere to. No matter how dirty and disgusting the environment, it all slides right off.

The super thin teflon coating still provides the sense of touch and is incredibly light and flexible. The teflon coating is ideal for all medical and hospitality staff, where hand washing is normally an essential skill.

The teflon coating has a life time guarantee as long as it is not used to handle metallic instruments or abrasive pads.

OK, it’s another dream on.

Do you really expect to be able to have a magical solution to get rid of the need to wash your hands? And teflon? Really? How would you catch a ball? And could you imagine a romantic stroll along the beach where you just can’t manage to hold each other’s hands for more than 0.3 seconds?

Sorry, the only real solution is to know how to properly wash your hands. So check out our Glitterbug Handwashing Training products. Don’t be lazy, be smart.