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Most people know their legal responsibilities when it comes to storing and transporting refrigerated and frozen items. They are doing it, and probably doing it correctly.

But do you have proof?

Doing and proving aren’t the same thing

Not only do you have to keep your food outside the danger zone (5° to 60°C), you have to prove that it is outside this temperature range.

The traditional method is to have a staff member write down the temperature a couple times a day. This is not only labour intensive, but prone to many problems, especially where staff are very busy, unreliable, or have a high turnover.

So what is the answer?


A temperature logger will automatically record the date, time and temperature every couple of minutes. The information is stored in memory and transferred to a computer. From there it can be viewed or permanently stored for later recall.

This means that you have an accurate, reliable audit trail of your fridges, freezers and vehicles. There aren’t any cover-ups, there are no gaps in your records, and there is a wealth of information if a problem does occur. You know when it started which can help you work out why it happened. It tells you how long the problem occurred and how hot or cold the goods did become. You can decide if the produce is still usable or needs to be discarded. Even if the fridge has returned to normal, you know what happened while you were away. You are monitoring temperature continually and have access to the results.

Best of all your will be saving time and money because staff don’t have to continually monitor the fridges throughout the day.

What can OnSolution offer me?

I’m glad you asked

OnSolution distributes the Logtag temperature logger, Thermocron temperature logger and the new T and D wireless temperature logger.

For the next week we are offering you a special price for temperature loggers. The Logtag temperature loggers (with LED alarm indicators) are normally $70, but for this week will be only $60. You will also require the software and reader kit which is normally $98 but on special for only $80.

Our recommendation is to buy a logger for each of your fridges and freezers. If you aren’t sure what you need, just call us on 02 9614 6417 or email [email protected].

If you are interested in ways to simplify monitring temperature just give us a call.
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