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Taking the hassle out of … hand washing training


You would think that everyone would know how to wash their hands. After all, it is one of the first skills we are taught.

And you would think that everyone would do it regularly because we all know that it is the right thing to do.

Can your staff wash their hands correctly?

Chances are the answer is “no”


The reality is that most people DON’T KNOW HOW TO WASH THEIR HANDS CORRECTLY.

Common mistakes include:

  • Only doing the front and back of the hands
  • Missing the wrist
  • Missing between the fingers, especially at the webbing
  • Missing around the nails and not using a nail brush
  • Missing around jewellery
  • Not using warm water
  • Not using soap or a hand wash
  • Not doing anything
  • Only wiping them on the back of their jeans

In fact, most people can’t wash their hands effectively. They leave critical areas covered in germs, and they will spread to other surfaces including food.

Does anyone wash their hands correctly?

I managed to find someone…

I remember doing a live demonstration at the Fine Food trade show a couple of years ago, and I found that chefs were absolutely hopeless at washing their hands. Can you guess the profession of the guy who did the best job? His hands were absolutely spotless. I mean immaculate. He had washed his hands perfectly.

Before I give you the answer, I will first pose the question…


How can you tell if someone is washing their hands correctly?

When seeing is believing…


The answer is simple, use a product like Glitterbug Handwashing Potion.It looks like a hand moisturiser and you have the person rub a small amount into their hands. In fact, people are much better at applying a hand moisturiser than at washing their hands.

You then get them to wash and dry their hands. What we are actually doing is seeing how well they can wash Glitterbug out again. We aren’t revealing germs, but pretending to be germs.

When they return, we use a UV torch to reveal the Glitterbug that remains. It glows under UV light.

And what we see is that the front and back of the hands are usually clean (except if you are a chef!!!) but when we shine the light on the wrist, webbing, finger nails and rings the truth is revealed.

Now they know they didn’t wash their hands properly. The proof is right there in front of them.

 Is it effective in changing how they wash their hands?


Before using Glitterbug they believed they were doing a good enough job. You have just shown them how bad they are at washing their hands. They now know that they aren’t the hand washing legends they thought they were.

So now they are ready to listen to you explain how to wash hands effectively. They will be open to trying something different. Now a quick demonstration will watched by people who now appreciate what you are trying to show them.

And then get them to do it all again. A quick squirt of Glitterbug Potion (or not, since they still have dirty hands), and get them to wash their hands again and be retested. This time you will see a huge improvement – except for the one sceptic who does a quick job to see if the results are true.

 So who was perfect at washing their hands?

A hint…


As for the person who did the perfect job first time, here’s a hint – in which profession do you think that the people really know how dirty their hands are?

A second hint – it’s not the medical or hospitality industries.


Who knew how to clean their hands perfectly? Which profession really appreciate how dirty their hands can be? The answer is obvious when you hear it…



…the plumber.

Obvious really, isn’t it?


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