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Danger Zone

[full_width class=”spewman-pink”] [row] [column medium=”7″] DON’T KILL YOUR CUSTOMERS! KEEP FOOD OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE [/column] [column medium=”5″] [/column] [/row] [/full_width] [full_width class=”odd”] [row] [column medium=”4″] [/column] [column medium=”8″] Food Temperature Matters! If you work with food, you have to know the rules about food temperature. Food poisoning can be extremely serious, even fatal. […]

Food Temperature Danger Zone – Explainer Video

What is the danger zone for food temperature? It’s a very simple message, but critical to food safety. This short explainer video covers the food temperature danger zone and the obligations on restaurants and cafes. It would be great if you shared the video with friends to help get the message out.