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Last week the shock logger took a huge step forward to being ready for release.

The new STAMI wireless temperature logger has a built-in accelerometer which allows it to monitor it’s movement. This is basically the technology you find in a Wii controller or modern smart phones, but with more precision.

We have added in the functionality for recording shock events. That is, if the unit undergoes excessive acceleration (or deceleration) then it will record an event in its memory. These events can then be downloaded to a PC.

So if you are transporting items then we can easily tell you if they are being mistreated. It will tell you when it was dropped or hit, and how extreme the knock was.

To stop memory from being rapidly filled with a single incident (e.g. tumbling down stairs) there is a time frame in which it will check for the maximum g and record a single event with that value. So if you set it for 10 seconds, it will record a single event and the maximum g within those 10 seconds. Chances are that’s a single event.

If you drop down the threshold and increase the time frame to 15 minutes, it can give you an event for each time it moves. This will give you a good indication for each time your unit is on the move.

We initially viewed this as a value-add for the temperature logger, but there are probably many people who just want a straight shock logger.

We will be starting trials in February. Anyone interested in helping, please let us know.