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The Rotten Food Cookbook


Why wade through this page at a time when you can have it electronically bound together in a very fancy PDF?

The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook about food safety, written by our very own CEO, Shane van de Vorstenbosch.

While this book is primarily aimed at restaurant and café owners, we quickly realised it is a book that everyone should read. In reality the majority of food poisoning occurs at home, is avoidable and usually results in some people feeling bad for a couple of days. It will get a few sympathy likes on Facebook.

For restaurants the stakes (steaks!) are higher. Not only can you potentially hospitalise numerous people, the media (and social media in particular) will also devour a restaurant that serves a bad meal. If you do manage to poison dozens of people then you may as well close your doors straight away.

So be prepared to be tempted by the gastronomical delights of:

  • Our Social Media Promise
  • Chuck Liver Pâté
  • Oysters KilledPatrick
  • Chicken Seizure Salad
  • Beef VindaLoo
  • Traditional Lamb Spew
  • Puking Duck
  • Beef WellingUp
  • Salmon Ella
  • Beef Bogenough
  • RatOrTwoE
  • Hot Dogs
  • Shepherd’s Die With E.ColiFlower Mash
  • Chocolate Mousstake
  • Disgusted Tarts
  • Banana Spit
  • Sneeze Platter
  • EggBog

Looking for the printed version? Look no further, you can find it here.