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When we decided to expand our business to include hand washes and sanitisers we discovered that there was a huge variety available. Unfortunately many just aren’t suitable for people who wash their hands regularly. We found one brand, however, that was ahead of the rest.

What is the difference between a hand wash and a hand sanitiser?

No, they aren’t the same!

Before I talk about OxyBAC specifically I need to clarify some confusion that many people have. It is the difference between a hand wash and a hand sanitiser.

A hand wash is used as a soap substitute and requires water. It is required to clean dirty hands. If you have dirt or oil on your hands, you must wash your hands and you must use soap or a hand wash. It will also kill germs.

A hand sanitiser is used to kill bacteria on your hands. It has the benefit that it doesn’t require water to wash it off, and so can be used anywhere. It is not, however, a substitute for washing hands when they are dirty.

So to be clear, we are talking about washing your hands at the basin. This is about ensuring your hands are clean and germ free.


Step 1: Bar of soap to a dispenser

Fixing some of the problems

Hopefully I don’t have to discuss why a bar of soap isn’t a good option in a commercial kitchen.

Soap dispensers solved many of the problems associated with the soap being in bar form. It could be conveniently located on the wall and was easy to use.

But like soap, it’s rough on your hands. If you were to wash your hands dozens of times a day (which should be happening in commercial kitchens) then your hands will soon be suffering.

And they often dripped and would leave a slippery mess behind. Soap in a wet environment like a kitchen is a recipe for disaster (and bad puns).

So a soap dispenser fixed some of the problems, but was far from a perfect solution. As people were expected to wash their hands more often, the problems became worse.

Being blunt, there are a lot of hand washing products on the market and many of them are bad for anyone who needs to wash regularly – bad for your hands, bad for your budget, or bad for the environment.


Step 2: A solution designed for regular use

Not harmful while still being powerful and fast

We finally found a great product that was designed for the one place where it is essential that staff wash their hands often, and that they do the best job possible – hospitals. But you can’t just take a hospital product and use it in a kitchen.

So when we heard that Deb were taking their range of hand washes and releasing one specifically for the food industry, we were interested. The result was OxyBAC.

Yes the name is a bit obscure and we can’t work out what it really has to do with washing hands in commercial kitchens, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.


The OxyBAC Advantages

Or “The OxyBAC Sales Pitch”

•             It works and it works fast: This is a serious duty cleaner and it gets to work immediately. In fact, the “Deb Foam Technology” (TM, you have to love the lingo) spreads faster than soaps or gels to assist in full coverage of your hands in less time.

•             It’s safe with food: It’s actually more than safe, it won’t taint the flavour of your food if it does come in contact with it. It is perfume free and dye free to ensure it won’t.

•             It’s safe for the environment: Most hand washes use harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. OxyBAC uses hydrogen peroxide. Yes it’s a harsh chemical on germs, but it breaks down into water and hydrogen, both of which occur normally.

•             The dispenser is germ free: The wall dispenser has a special coating (that will last the lifetime of the dispenser) to kill germs. In fact it will kill 99.99% of germs within 24 hours. So rather than being a place where germs grow, it becomes its own clean zone

•             It’s reasonably low cost: I’m not saying it’s cheap. This is a good quality product, not a cheap and nasty product. But the small amount needed and dispensed means that it is cheaper than many of the options available in a super market.

Oxybac Hand Wash
Oxybac Hand Wash


Today’s Special

In the end, the final question is always “how much?”

OxyBAC is available in 1L cartridges for the wall mounted dispenser. Each cartridge is $28, or a box of 6 in only $118 ($19.70 each). If you buy a six pack we will give you the wall dispenser for free (normally $28).

The final part of today’s special is to provide free shipping, a saving of $15.

To take us up on this offer, you can:

•             Email [email protected]

•             Fax an order to 02 9614 6891

•             Call us on 02 9614 6417

•             Order Oxybac online

Next I will be blogging about InstandFOAM which is a hand sanitiser.