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In Google I started to type in “Ideal temperature for” and it came up with:

Ideal temperature for baby
Ideal temperature for red wine
Ideal temperature for fridge
Ideal temperature for sleep
Ideal temperature for beer
Ideal temperature for freezer
Ideal temperature for goldfish
Ideal temperature for baby’s room
Ideal temperature for swimming pool
Ideal temperature for tropical fish

What does this say about what people really care about?

The two baby ones are probably by concerned mothers afraid of cot death. Fair enough. Or mothers (more likely fathers) who just want a good night’s sleep.

Alcohol and food storage are up there which wasn’t a great surprise. But if you can’t tell if your beer is cold enough (or warm enough for the poms) then don’t bother drinking it.

Sleep is obviously there by anyone who is up at 3am because they can’t get to sleep. So they toss and turn blaming the weather, or their spouse, for making it too hot or cold.

But goldfish and tropical fish? Tropical fish and heaters come with instructions but they can be expensive and so a bit of expert advice doesn’t go astray. But GOLD FISH??? Top 10 worry for people asking about ideal temperature.

There are so many other things out there to worry about. How about cheese? Or growing vegetables and other plants? Or painting? Or even French Polishing (I discovered this one the hard way).