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You would think that offering a free wireless temperature logger would get someone’s interest. But it would appear that we now live in a very sceptical age where there is no such thing as a freeby.

I contacted the local pharmacies to ask them if they would be a part of the trial for our new wireless temperature loggers. To me it seemed like a nice win-win. They end up with their fridges being monitored for free, and I have a test site that is 5 minutes away from the office.

No luck.

I can sort of understand why a company would refuse a stranger installing software on their computer. But I am approaching them with a list of references including the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, vaccine fridge suppliers, and other companies from within the industry. In fact, every pharmacy is Australia has been audited with one of our loggers.

But there always seems to be a catch. And so the automatic response is “no”.

So, if you are close to Baulkham Hills and want to be a part of the temperature logger trial, please let us know. Do it soon enough and you will end up with some free wireless temperature loggers.