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In my last blog I bagged out my teenage children for totally failing to consider food safety with their school lunches.

And then I cast my mind to the office fridge and that infamous Star Trek line comes to mind “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”.

To start it off, they are domestic fridges. So take all my comments about Food Safety at Home and multiply it by 10. Now we have dozens of people opening and closing it to get the milk (or opening it and mostly closing it).

Not too bad so far. The milk doesn’t last too long but then it tends to be consumed very quickly.

But what about the leftovers and sandwiches that make their way in but never quite make their way out. And then once in a while someone cracks, and does the big throw out. Now they deserve a medal.

But the truly frightening concept is that at one place I know, the night shift trawl through it when they run out of food. May be that’s why the OH&S people decided they needed to have two people present at all times – in case one of them poisoned themself.

Or was eaten by last month’s pasta.