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As we are considering the Fine Food Australia trade show, we were reviewing what we offer for food safety solutions.

Temperature loggers are our core business. We have units that will monitor freezers, fridges, and room temperature. We then have high temperature models ideal for washers, and some units that will go up to 140° so have some cooking applications covered.

We also have our free food temperautre poster. What we are trying to do is increase awareness of the temperature issue as well as monitor it for you. It’s much nicer for our temperature loggers to tell you all was well.

The Glitterbug Handwashing Training Lotion is a fantastic way to train staff. Cross contamination due to poor hand washing is possibly one of the greatest causes of food poisoning. It is very easy for someone to be preparing raw meat and then move onto a fresh salad. Without proper procedures in place includingeffective handwashing, you will be possibly exposing your customers to raw meat “juices”.

The Clinisorb range of spill absorbing packs are ideal for ensuring that nasty spills don’t become nasty accidents. It’s great for a spilt drink, but what it is really great at is almost instantly dealing with vomit. It neutralises the germs and helps contain the mess. Enough said?

We have a couple of other products to assist restaurant and cafe owners, but that’s to do with customer comfort more than food safety.

We will continue to seek food safety solutions and if you have a suggestion, please let us know.