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We will be at FIne Food Australia Trade Show 2013 in Darling Harbour Sydney on September 9th to the 12th. Is this work or pleasure for us?

It has been too many years since we last exhibited at Fine Food. Last time we did, we won the “Best New Food Service Equipment” award with eTemperature and the thermocrons. It was also the same year that our supplier was bought out and lead times went from weeks to months. So instead of having a period of fantastic growth, I was pulling my hair out.

The Thermocron shook the market when it was released and the new wireless logger should do it again. It has all the benefits of a temperature logger combined with being fully automatic. So it is HACCP compliance without any effort. What more could you ask for?

We are also considering what other products to promote at Fine Food Australia. Glitterbug would be a fun demonstration, and Clinisorb would be great as well. I’m not sure if we are focusing on work here, or just having a good time.

But it is Fine Food Australia, and it does have 5+ halls of food samples, great coffee, (mostly) friendly people. The worst part of exhibiting is the lack of time to walk around to the other stands.

So as we slowly gear up for Find Food Australia this year, mark it in your diary. If you are in the hospitality industry then there is probably no better trade show (IMHO).