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ESIS provide a wide range of electronic solutions including our Thermocron and Logtag range of loggers.

They are located at Pennant Hills, Sydney.

Straight from their web site:

PC’s – Industrial, & Parts – Industrial computers and components – rugged features, long product life cycles, support for legacy parts

PC’s – Embedded, & Parts – Small PC’s and PC boards suitable for embedding into a product, or for specialised applications

PC Accessories / Peripherals – Accessories for PC’s, including LCD monitors and mountings, specialised keyboards, plug-in cards, external peripherals, KVM extenders/switches, etc

CD/DVD/BD/HDD Duplication Equipment – Equipment for duplicating and printing CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, Hard Drives, Flash Disks


Communications – Industrial – Industrial data communication solutions, including networking, serial data cards for PC’s, adaptors and converters, industrial modems, etc


Analog & Digital I/O – Cards and external modules for interfacing PC’s with analog and digital signals, devices and sensors

Data Loggers – A wide range of data loggers, including general purpose data logging equipment and specific purpose loggers such as temperature/humidity loggers for cold chain monitoring, etc

Sensors & Weather Stations – Sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, weather parameters, water quality, gases, etc; and complete Weather Stations

Measuring Instruments – Instruments (mostly handheld) for measuring many parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, moisture, electrical power, sound, etc

Alarm / Control Systems – Systems providing alarms and control outputs from physical events such as high temperatures, excess rain or wind, lightning, or conditions detected by PLC’s etc


Electronics Lab Equipment – Equipment for electronics development and testing, including device programmers and erasers, bench instruments such as CRO’s, and PC-based test and measurement device”